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Hey Girl!
I wanted to build a community full of #GirlBosses taking control of their finances, and I’m doing just that. This blog is to help you become the boss of your money, slay your budget, and pay off debt all while documenting my own journey. I’m here to show you financial freedom IS possible no matter your current situation!
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This is Dyana
Who am I?
When I first began my journey to financial freedom I had no clue what I was doing. To be honest, sometimes I still don't but that’s the beauty of getting out of debt…there’s no real ‘right’ way to get started. I couldn’t find a debt payoff story that was similar to my current situation (low income, single parent, all that jazz) so I created my own. Read more
Six things you need to try when your partner is bad with money

Six Things You Need To Try When He’s Bad With Money

*This post may contain affiliate links Don’t we all wish everyone had our financial savviness and the world could be one big ball of financial peace and freedom? Yeah, me too… Truth is, it may be very rare for two people to come together and both be on the same page when it comes toRead More

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